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Flowers delivery in Irkutsk

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Flowers and bouquets delivery in Irkutsk

The company Flowers-sib is a flowers and gifts delivery service in Irkutsk. Our company has been delivering flowers all over Russia since 2011.

We work with the best local florists in Irkutsk and other cities. In Irkutsk we can also offer our 'the same day delivery' service when we can deliver a bouquet on the day of your order We guarantee that your nearest and dearest from Irkutsk will receive a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers on the day of your order if it has been made before 7 p.m

Our advantages:

  • Flower delivery in Irkutsk wthin 1h
  • Delivery costs 300 rubles
  • We work with the best florists in Irkutsk
  • We grant a guarantee of freshness for our flowers
  • You may pay by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal

Delivery in the surrounding area

  • Delivery in Магет 600 rub.
  • Delivery in Шелехов 600 rub.
  • Delivery in Молодежный 400 rub.
  • Delivery in Худяково 600 rub.
  • Delivery in Баклаши 550 rub.
  • Delivery in Оек 1100 rub.
  • Delivery in снт "Светлое" 550 rub.
  • Delivery in Московщина 900 rub.
  • Delivery in ДНП Жемчужина 650 rub.
  • Delivery in Грановщина 900 rub.
  • Delivery in Хомутово 600 rub.
  • Delivery in Марково 450 rub.
  • Delivery in Урик 750 rub.